Parks & Trails

Here you will find all parks and trails in District 5. You can review all of Birmingham’s parks and recreational facilities at the Parks and Recreation website. You can find more information about the trails in Birmingham and Jefferson County at the Freshwater Land Trust’s Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System website and their Find a Trail interactive map.

Magic City Rotary Trail

This multi-million dollar gift to Birmingham and its citizens on behalf of Rotary transformed a vacant railroad right-of-way, or “cut,” into a pleasantly-landscaped, four-block walking/running/biking pathway.

Kelly Ingram Park

Distinguished as “A Place of Revolution and Reconciliation,” historic Kelly Ingram Park serves as a threshold to the Civil Rights District. During the Civil Rights Movement, this public park became the focal point of a grassroots resistance to the inhumanities of racism and discrimination by law and by custom. Events which took place in Kelly Ingram Park vividly portrayed the realities of police dogs and fire hoses turned on marchers who gathered for civil rights demonstrations in the 1960’s.

Jones Valley Trail

The Jones Valley Trail near downtown Birmingham stretches a half mile along 1st Avenue South from 25th Street to 32nd Street. Following a former railroad corridor, the paved, tree-lined rail-trail is just a block from the Rotary Trail, which was built on an old railroad cut through the middle of 1st Avenue South. Together, the two trails link two terrific city attractions, Railroad Park and the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark. They are also part of the Red Rock Ridge and Valley Trail System, a 750-mile network of multi-use trails throughout Jefferson County.

Downey Park

Downey Park features an outdoor basketball court, playgrounds, walking track, and a picnic pavilion. A metal plaque was installed by the East Lake Neighborhood Association in January 2013 to honor “unsung heroes” including two former neighborhood officers, Shirley Holston and Brad Billingsley.

Crestwood Park

Crestwood Park is a neighborhood park located on the north side of Crestwood Boulevard between 53rd and 55th Streets in the Crestwood community of Birmingham. The park features a fenced football-sized playing field with concrete bleachers and a field house on the north side; a jogging track around the field; tennis courts; a swimming pool; a playground; a barbecue pit with a picnic shelter; and a landscaped parking lot. 

Currently the park’s athletic fields are used not only for youth football, but also by amateur soccer leagues such as the Liga Latinoamericana de Fútbol, and by the Magic City Lacrosse Club.

Marconi Park

Marconi Park is a 3.7-acre public park located in the Central City neighborhood. It is a centerpiece of the Park Place Apartments mixed-income residential development. 

A community center for Marconi Park was included in the Park Board’s long-range plans, approved by the Birmingham Planning Commission in 1973. A YMCA Youth Center now adjoins the north side of the park.

The park, with its combination baseball and football field, is heavily used by youth athletic leagues. The park’s lighting and scoreboard were restored in 2015.

Linn Park

Charles Linn Park anchors the municipal center of downtown Birmingham. It is bounded by 20th Street North and the Birmingham City Hall to the west, Park Place to the south, 8th Avenue North, with Boutwell Auditorium and the Birmingham Museum of Art to the north, and the Linn-Henley Research Library and the Jefferson County Courthouse to the east. 

As Birmingham’s primary civic space, Linn Park contains numerous monuments and memorials, and hosts several public events and other gatherings.

Fountain Heights Park and Rec Center

Located in Fountain Heights with a recreation center and pool.

Lewis Park

Beulah Lewis Park is a 3.25-acre public park located next to the Marks Village housing project in Gate City. It occupies the block between 66th and 67th Street South west of Interlaken Avenue and east of the former Birmingham Mineral Railroad line. Named for Beulah Lewis, the park features a baseball diamond, a swimming pool, two outdoor basketball courts, two playgrounds, and a picnic pavilion.

Wahouma Park

The Wahouma Park restoration project is more than halfway complete, with upgrades scheduled to be finished in late spring.  

Project work includes resurfacing basketball courts, repairing the walking trail, installation of new bleachers with accessible pathways, painting the concession stand and paving the parking lot. Recent wet weather has slowed some restoration work but crews hope to increase the pace in the coming days.