Quoting O'QUINN


I believe that mobility is an important indicator of the quality of life. Whether to access healthcare, education, employment, or just basic necessities, owning a car should not be a requirement for living a prosperous life in Birmingham. Our infrastructure should be well maintained and needs to support mass transit, active transportation, and pedestrians, all while being accessible to those with varying abilities. I am proud to have been a leading advocate for the passage of a Complete Streets ordinance, initiation of the Birmingham On Demand microtransit program, and reconnecting communities by eliminating barriers posed by highways and railroads.

Public Safety

The highest calling of municipal government is to provide for the safety of its population. Delivering adequate law enforcement, fire protection and emergency response, and waste management are fundamental responsibilities of elected leadership. I believe the Birmingham Police Department (BPD), Birmingham Fire & Rescue Service (BFRS), and Department of Public Works (DPW) are our most critical departments and that those employees should be regarded accordingly.

Housing & Homelessness:

Across the City of Birmingham, too many of our residents are living in substandard housing. For those who are seeking housing, the choices are few and far between. City government should be aggressive in addressing this need. That is why I have chosen to utilize a significant portion of financial resources allocated to District 5 to support clearing titles on tax-delinquent properties, developing new housing, and assisting homeowners with critical repairs

For things to be better, they have to be different and change is uncomfortable
Darrell O'Quinn
D5 Birmingham City Council